How to brew Turkish Tea?

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Turkish tea is a staple at breakfast, a perfect way of relaxing during breaks at work and a must after a long tiring day. We serve it to our guests even without asking because everyone expects so. This strong black tea has a big role in our daily life. We love its soothing effect at any occasion.

In Turkey, we start the day not with coffee, but with a glass of newly brewed Turkish tea, which has a tempting and stimulating fragrance. Breakfast means tea for us. If there is no tea at breakfast, it lacks the main thing. You know a typical Turkish breakfast includes several foods like olives, cheese, cucumber and tomato slices, jams, and eggs. These must be accompanied by tea as a drink. On the other hand, if you don’t have time for breakfast at home during weekdays, you can buy a newly baked crunchy simit from a pastry shop or a street vendor and have it with a glass of tea at work. The  quickest way of breakfast for working people.

As for coffee, we drink it for pleasure. Whenever we want to spoil ourselves. Oh and when saying coffee, I mean Turkish coffee.

When To Drink Turkish Tea?

We do not drink tea only at breakfast.. We are almost every time ready to drink tea. From early morning till the bedtime. In every home, there is always a teapot ready on the stove to brew tea for the family or guests. Not only is tea ready to serve to guests at home but also at workplaces. It is very normal for your bank staff, dentist or hairdresser to offer you tea while waiting. When waiting for your package at a fish market, don’t be surprised if the salesperson offers you tea. It is a way of welcoming your customer, which is a part of our culture. I’m quite sure a typical Turkish person drinks way more tea than water in a day.

Tea relieves our fatigue.That’s why people drink tea when they have a break while working. Tea break at workplaces is officially allowed because it is considered as a way of renewing and recharging yourself. Also, in most workplaces, there is a small kitchen-like room with a Turkish tea set and a person there in charge of brewing and serving tea to the employees every now and then.

Believe it or not, tea is a staple treat even for picnics in Turkey. Traditional Turkish picnic is like a barbeque party with lots of food and people take a teapot with them to make tea either over a wood fire, which definitely enriches the taste of tea, or over a small gas cylinder. Drinking tea means ending the picnic because it is brewed after all the food  is gone.

So although our afternoon tea sessions look like a traditional British tea party with all the pastries we serve, we are not limited to those times. There is always a room for a glass of tea any time during the day.

What Is a Turkish Tea Set?


A Turkish tea set normally contains the following four items:

  1. Turkish tea glasses
  2. Turkish tiny teaspoons
  3. small plates on which you put the glasses
  4. a tray to serve all the glasses together.

You can find these easily at our site ( Gifts Category ) that sell Turkish products. When we searched for it on the web, We saw that there are hundreds of types. Choose the one you like if you want to serve tea in an authentic way. One thing that surprised me on those online markets is that they are selling some glasses with lids. This is not something we normally see in Turkey. Really no need for lids.

Turkish tea glasses mostly have a thin waist, which makes it easy to hold. The glasses with holders are another alternative, but they are not that common or famous.

Tiny teaspoons are for people who love their tea sweet. They add cubes of sugar into their tea and give a good stir with those teaspoons. As nobody in my family sweetens their tea, we forgot to include sugar or teaspoons in our tea photography.

While you can buy all these in a Turkish tea set, you can buy them separately as well. If you buy them separately, make sure that the tea glasses fit in the tea plates. Otherwise, it might be difficult to hold them together as the glass slides from one side to another if it is too small for the plate. It’s better if there is a circular space in the middle of the plate for the glass.

How To Brew Turkish Tea In Tea Pot?

The proper Turkish method of brewing tea includes the following steps:

  1. We boil water in two different pots – using one small pot for a very strong tea brew, and a larger pot (or kettle) for additional boiled water.
  2. Boil your water in the smaller pot. To the boiled water, add one teaspoon of tea into the pot’s tea filter for each glass (100mL) you will serve. Allow the mixture to brew for approximately 10 minutes – there is no need for reheating.
  3. Boil the additional water in your larger pot (or kettle).
  4. To serve: Fill each glass only 1/3 with the brewed tea mixture. The rest of the glass should be topped with additional boiled water. However, the proportions can be adjusted to suit your taste. Good Turkish tea should be almost red in color when served. You can (as the Turks do!) add sugar to your liking.